Java 7 update 21 error

Java 7 update 21 breaks uploads in InSite Creative Workflow & InSite Asset Library 4.1.1; also breaks Smart Review in InSite Prepress Portal 6.5.1 with Windows XP.

The new Java update stops InSite Creative uploads from working; as well as Smart Review functionality in InSite Prepress Portal.

Affected platforms/browsers:
InSite Creative Uploads:
Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 20)
Mac OS 10.7 (Safari 6.0.4 and Firefox 20) [Not officially supported]
Mac OS 10.8 (Safari 6.0.4 and Firefox 20) [Not officially supported]

InSite Prepress Portal Smart Review:
Windows XP (Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 20)

Kodak recommends NOT updating to Java 7 update 21.

The Java update will also cause a security warning to be displayed if the ‘drag & drop’ upload window is used (all OS & all browsers). Click on ‘Don’t Block’ to continue with normal function.”